Daily Journal For Life

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Journaling is the best way to clear your mind, and this notion template will help you do the same. 

Do you want to dump your useless thoughts or want to write down your day?

Look no further. This daily journal will help you track your emotions and moods. 

What's inside:

Brain Dump:

  • A designated space for dumping all your thoughts, ideas, worries, and to-dos.
  • Easily jot down anything that comes to mind without worrying about organization.
  • Encourages free-flowing creativity and clears mental clutter.
  • Provides a structured yet flexible area for brainstorming and capturing fleeting thoughts.

Gratitude Journal:

  • A section dedicated to reflecting on the things you're grateful for each day.
  • Prompts to help you identify and appreciate the positives in your life.
  • Encourages a mindset of gratitude, fostering feelings of contentment and happiness.
  • Allows you to look back and see patterns of gratitude over time, boosting overall well-being.

Daily Diary:

  • A space to record your daily activities, events, and emotions.
  • Structured prompts to guide your entries, such as "Today's Highlights" and "Reflections."
  • Helps you track your progress, goals, and achievements over time.
  • Provides a therapeutic outlet for processing thoughts and emotions, promoting self-awareness and personal growth.


  • A section to jot down your desires, aspirations, and goals.
  • Categorized lists for short-term and long-term wishes, dreams, and aspirations.
  • Allows you to visualize your aspirations and take actionable steps towards achieving them.
  • Provides motivation and inspiration as you work towards turning your wishes into reality.


  • Easily customizable to suit your personal preferences and journaling style.
  • Flexible layout that allows you to rearrange sections, add new elements, and personalize your journaling experience.
  • Accessible across devices, ensuring you can journal anytime, anywhere.
  • Built-in prompts for weekly reflections.
  • Encourages you to review your entries regularly, gaining insights into your growth and progress.
  • Facilitates self-reflection and introspection, helping you identify areas for improvement and celebrate achievements.
  • Provides a holistic view of your life journey, fostering continuous learning and development.
  • You can track your weekly highlights. 

So, are you ready to bring a good mood with this daily journal? 


Who am I? 

I’m Poonam Sharma, a Notion template creator. I like to simplify people's lives with my Notion Templates and content. 

How to use this notion template?

You have to click “duplicate” in the top right corner to duplicate the template to your Notion workspace, and you get this.

Is it a free product? 

Yes, it's a completely free product. But if you want to give a tip for my time and effort, you can pay a small amount. You can pay any amount if you like the template. 

Still have questions!

Reach out to me by email at poonam4dhahariya@gmail.com or drop a message on my LinkedIn

Feel free to give your suggestions about this template by email as well. 


Poonam Sharma

I want this!

A digital Journal to keep your digital diary with gratitude journal and brain dump.

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Daily Journal For Life

86 ratings
I want this!