Travel Planner

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Plan your next trip easily with the Notion. 

Organize everything about your trip. 

What’s inside: 

  • Budget planning: plan a budget for your trip
  • The place to visit: a plan which places to visit in advance 
  • The place to stay: decide the right place to stay
  • Food and shopping: track which food to taste and shopping 
  • Luggage: Pack all the important stuff without any distraction 
  • Booking: Book your ticket in advance 
  • Map: Map to guide you 

Why do you need this travel planner?

  • To organize your travel stuff 
  • For a seamless travel 
  • To make your trip more fun 


Who am I? 

I’m Poonam Sharma, a Notion template creator. I like to simplify people's lives with my Notion Templates and content. 

How to use this notion template?

You have to Click “duplicate” in the top right corner to duplicate the template to your Notion workspace, and you got this.

Is it a free product? 

No, it's a Paid product.

Still, have questions!

Reach out to me by email at or drop a message on my LinkedIn

Feel free to give your suggestion about this template as well by email. 


Poonam Sharma 🌱

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You'll get a ultimate trip Planner

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Travel Planner

7 ratings
I want this!