Sticky Notes Dashboard

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Arrange your notes in one place!

This sticky note dashboard is a creative and visual way to organize tasks, reminders, and important information using Notion.

It’s a virtual space where you can place and rearrange sticky notes to keep track of your to-do list, grocery, important tasks, or any other information you need to remember.

With sticky notes dashboard you got a to-do list where you can manage all your tasks by status.

So no need to worry about real sticky notes get this readymade customizable sticky notes dashboard.


Who am I? 

I’m Poonam Sharma, a Notion template creator. I like to simplify people's lives with my Notion Templates and content. 

How to use this notion template?

You have to Click “duplicate” in the top right corner to duplicate the template to your Notion workspace, and you got this.

Is it a free product? 

Yes, it's a free product. put $0 in the cart to get it.

Still, have questions!

Reach out to me by email at or drop a message on my LinkedIn

Feel free to give your suggestion about this template as well by email. 


Poonam Sharma

I want this!

fully customize sticky notes dashboard with to-do list

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Sticky Notes Dashboard

410 ratings
I want this!